19th Century Besson Cornet

This is an interesting, very old instrument. It is a Besson “Prototype” Cornet which was made in London, and I mean London, England not London, Kentucky. The serial number tells me that it was made at the end of the 19th century or the very beginning of the 20th century. The photos show how incredibily ornate the engraving is on this horn. You will rarely see any instrument with this much engraving not to mention this elobrate. The reason it was in my shop was the customer wanted it to play like when it was new. All the tuning slides moved very freely but the plating on the valves was shot. So, I sent it to a shop that I deal with that rebuilt and replated the valves. They did a great job and now the cornet is ready to Rock-n-Roll yet again. Obviously the first 4 photos are while the horn was disassembled and I was flushing it out. The last photo is the horn reassembled and in all its splendor. You just don’t see many of these instruments anymore. I was glad to see one in such good condition.

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