A Silver Conn 10M Tenor Sax

Here is a Conn 10M tenor sax which was made in the 1936. It was in the shop last week for a little tune up. Notice in the midst of the engraving on the bell there is a pentagon. Inside the pentagon is an image of a woman. She is referred to as the Naked Lady. Why? I don’t know. She doesn’t look naked to me. Maybe she is naked from the waist down and we just can’t see it. The story I have heard for years is the image of the woman is of the wife, of the guy who did the actual engraving. At any rate, many sax players think these Conn 10M’s are the best sounding horns ever made. I will say that after I repaired the horn I did give it a play and for an 81 year old horn it does have a BIG sound, which is good.

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