A recent repair. A 1944 Selmer “55” Clarinet

This is a Selmer “model 55” clarinet that came into the shop last week. I did an overhaul on it meaning it was disassembled, the instrument is washed to remove the mold, (see the lower photo) the barrel, body and bell which are grenadilla wood are all saturated with bore oil. This keeps the wood supple so it does not split or crack. Then the keys, which are solid silver, are buffed, all the key corks and tenon corks are replaced and finally all the pads are replaced. Keys are straightened, if needed, and I regulate and adjust all the mechanisms.

This clarinet was made near the end of the second World War, circa 1944 -1945. I don’t always do research on all the instruments that come into my shop but I did on this one. One reason is I was recently reading about the history of the Selmer company and this clarinet just happened to arrive during my research. The gentleman that owns it wants it to go to someone that will actually use it. A man after my own heart. Horns/instruments should be used and not sit in closets or basements and deteriorate.




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