Baritones & Euphoniums

Jupiter “JBR-462” Baritone Horn

Need a baritone horn? Well here you go. Jupiter has been making quality brass instruments for years. This baritone horn is perfect for middle school, high school or college. I chemically flushed it out then oiled and lubed it. It comes in its original case and a mouthpiece is included. So, it’s ready to go. A very good sounding horn.


Yamaha “YEP-642” NEO Euphonium (Silver) – SOLD

This is an exceptional, professional model instrument. The 642 offers outstanding intonation and tone expected from a “compensating euphonium”, which means that it can play as a Bb or an F instrument. Features large shank receiver and 4 valves (3 top + 1 side). Solid construction and space age materials combine to make the YEP-642 Series a wonderfully playing instrument. The 642 Series has a larger bell flare and large shank mouthpiece receiver to produce a gorgeous, colorful sound that stands apart from most other instruments. You will really enjoy the experience of playing this instrument. It comes with a Yamaha 51L mouthpiece, which is standard. It also comes in its original case, which is in pristine condition, as is the horn itself. The owners manual and keys to the case locks are still in the case. Frankly, it looks almost unused. Come see this instrument.


Yamaha "YEP-201" Euphonium – SOLD

I rarely use the word “MINT” to describe the condition of a used instrument. However, this is the exact word to describe this spectacular euphonium. Both the horn and the case are without a scratch. The horn was still in the factory plastic wrapping when I first saw it. We Flushed & Lubed the horn, not that it needed it, but we always clean out an instrument before we put it up for sale. Speaking of “SALE”, this horn is on “SALE”. It was priced at $1299.00 but now it is $1149.00.


Yamaha “YEP-211S” Baritone Horn (Silver) – SOLD

This is a Yamaha 3 valve baritone that is in good condition. I disassembled it, did a chemical flush, replaced the water key cork & valve felts then oiled and lubed everything. It comes in its original case, which is in good condition, and with an EZ-Tone mouthpiece, which has been cleaned and disinfected. So, it looks good and sounds great plus, how often do you see these for sale especially at this price. Come try it.


King Baritone Horn – SOLD

This King baritone was made circa 1970 and it is in great condition. It is a 3 valve, 5 slide horn that comes with the original King mouthpiece and in its original faux alligator skin case, which both are in great shape. Oh yea, it also comes with the key to lock the case lock! Needless to say someone has taken care of this instrument. We disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, changed all felts and corks then oiled and lubed it. It plays very well. This is a classic horn that should be played, it needs to be played, it wants to be played, it must be played!