Bundy Bass Clarinet

This Bundy bass clarinet is in perfect playing condition and ready to go. I disassembled it, cleaned everything within an inch of its life, replaced all the corks and then replaced all the pads. This is what we call an overhaul. I used all white leather pads on this repad. They are more durable and longer lasting than the conventional bladder pads. So, it has been washed, oiled, adjusted and regulated. Of course, it comes in its original hard shell case, which is in very good condition, and I’ve included a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature and mouthpiece cap. Just buy your favorite reeds and start playing.


Jupiter “CEC-630” Clarinet

This is a vey good student model clarinet. It is actually a special edition clarinet made by Jupiter and the “CEC” stands for Capital Edition Clarinet. Probably more than you wanted to know but, there you go! I just finished doing a complete repad on this instrument which means it was disassembled, washed, all new pads were installed then it was completely adjusted and regulated. For you this means that it plays like a brand new clarinet. I have also included a new Selmer Goldentone mouthpiece with it. So, it’s ready to go.


Yamaha “YCL-250” Clarinet

This is a student model clarinet that is ready to play which means, I just did a complete repad on it. It was disassembled, cleaned, all new pads were installed and I completely regulated/adjusted it. It needs nothing done to it and it plays like a brand new instrument. Beware of things that you purchase from eBay, Reverb, Craigslist, etc. They rarely play as well as advertized. Come see this clarinet and give it a try or I’ll play it for you.



Yamaha “YCL-450” Clarinet

The Yamaha YCL-450 is an intermediate model, grenadilla wood clarinet. Grenadilla wood is the wood used to make professional model clarinets. I have had a number of these YCL-450’s come through my shop. They sound good and they play very well. This clarinet has been completely repadded plus it comes with a ligature, mouthpiece cap, a new mouthpiece and it comes in its original case, which is in great condition. I think that these are some of the best intermedinate model clarinets on the market today. So, it’s ready to play and needs nothing done to it.


Yamaha “YCL-250” Clarinet – SOLD

If you are looking for your first clarinet this “YCL-250” is a great one to start on. Easy to blow, fits in a students hands well (that’s important) and sounds good. It has all its original synthetic pads which will last for a good long time. Another reason I really like these horns is…….. let’s say your student continues to play clarinet into high school and you eventually buy them a more professional instrument, meaning a wooden clarinet, to use in the symphonic band or orchestra or whatever well, hold on to this “YCL-250”. It would be perfect for marching band because it is made of ABS plastic and has synthetic pads which are not affected by cold weather and rain. That kind of weather would be disastrous for a wooden clarinet. Thinking about the future is a wonderful thing, right?


Yamaha “YCL-250” Clarinet – SOLD

This is a great Bb clarinet for you or your child to start playing. I completely regulated this instrument and played it to make sure that it’s ready for you to play. I have included a brand new Selmer Goldentone mouthpiece with this instrument plus a Rovner ligature and mouthpiece cap. The ligature and mouthpiece cap are a nice upgrade from the factory ones. The new model of this clarinet is selling for just under $1000.00 so $425.00 for an instrument that plays perfectly is a super deal.  Come look at it.


Yamaha “YCL-CL1” Clarinet – Sold

This Yamaha CL1 clarinet is the cousin of the YCL250. They’re the same horn with just a different model designation. Anyway, it’s a great instrument for beginning students. It has all synthetic pads which means they tolerate moisture better that regular pads. Of course, we disassembled it, cleaned it and regulated it so it plays like a brand new clarinet. It comes with a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece which has been sterilized.


Selmer “1400” Clarinet – SOLD

The “1400” is a plastic, student model clarinet. This is a perfect instrument for a beginning player regardless of their age. I just finished overhauling this clarinet meaning, it was disassembled, completely washed all the pads and corks were replaced. In other words, it plays like a brand new instrument. Plus, I have put it in a brand new case which can be carried or worn as a backpack. Come give it a try.


Yamaha “YCL-250” Clarinet – SOLD

Great student model clarinet for any beginner of any age. This “YCL-250″comes with synthetic pads which means that the pads will last longer than regular felt pads. Of course, the clarinet was disassembled and cleaned severely. I reassembled it, adjusted everything and oiled all the keys so, it’s ready to be played. It comes in its original hard shell case and a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece. Come see it, come try it.


Leblanc “LL” Clarinet – SOLD

Here we have a fine, vintage horn. A Leblanc “LL”, also referred to as a “Double L”. This particular instrument was made in 1967 and at the time it was one of Leblanc’s top of the line clarinets. Back in the day famed clarinetists Buddy De Franco and Pete Fountain played this model of clarinet. In other words, it is a world class horn. So, if you have a student that is ready to move up from their plastic, beginning horn then this could be the “ONE” you seek. I completely overhauled the “LL” and replaced the case. The case has plenty of storage room for reeds, oils, etc., and it can be worn like a backpack. Cool, aye? Have your budding clarinetist come try this great clarinet.


Buffet “E-11” Clarinet – SOLD

The Buffet company has been making beginning, intermediate and professional model clarinets for decades. This E-11 is an intermediate model clarinet. It is a step-up from your beginning model instrument. What does that mean? Well, it means it is not a plastic horn, it is made from grenadilla wood. Wood clarinets have a better sound than plastic clarinets. Plus, the E-11 keys are silver plated not nickel plated like a student horn. Of course, we did a complete repad on this clarinet which means that it will play like a new horn. Included is a Vandoren mouthpiece and a Bonade ligature which are both upgrades from the stock MP and ligature.  If you have been playing for more that a year and are looking for a better clarinet, this might just be the horn that you need.


Yamaha “YCL-450” Clarinet – SOLD

Move up from your student model clarinet to a tremendous clarinet.  The Yamaha YCL-450 is Yamaha’s intermediate model, grenadilla wood clarinet. Grenadilla wood is the wood used to make professional model clarinets. What I’m trying to say is, This is a really good clarinet. I have had many of these YCL-450’s come through the shop. I like them. They sound good and they play very well. Here are the particulars of this horn; completely repadded, ligature, mouthpiece cap and a new mouthpiece. Any band director would be proud to have you playing this horn in their band. Come give it a try.


Buffet “R-13” Clarinet – SOLD

If you are looking to move up from an intermediate model horn to a clarinet that will be with you for the rest of your playing career then your search is over. The Buffet R-13 is a great professional model clarinet that has been used all over the world for years. This R-13 was made in early 1995 and is in excellent condition. The grenadilla wood body is perfect meaning it has no cracks and the keys are all German silver. I have completely repadded, disassembled and cleaned it within an inch of its life. Of course, it comes in its original hard shell case. The clarinet has a beautiful sound and plays freely. I know that’s what I want from an instrument of this caliber. Come see it, come play it and come buy it. You will be impressed with the quality and sonority of this instrument.