Double Reeds

Yamaha “YOB-211” Oboe

Student model oboes that play well and well in tune are hard to find. However, the Yamaha 211 has both of these categories covered. We disassembled it, cleaned it and shined up the silver plated keys, reassembled and regulated it. I replaced 6 of the factory felt pads with more durable cork pads. This instrument is in exceptionally good condition as is the original manufactures case. This is a great price for an oboe that is guaranteed to play perfectly.


Triebert “OB330” Oboe – SOLD

This is a great intermediate/professional oboe that is absolutely in mint condition. The body is a resin/wood composite, sometimes referred to as Greenline, that resists cracking which grenadilla wood instruments occasionally do. It has a full Conservatory System which includes a 3rd octave key, F# key tab, left-hand F, F vent key, articulated C#, alternate low C, and low Bb vent key. The keys are nickel silver that have been silver plated. Blue steel needle springs are used for better key tension and quicker response. It is padded with cork pads through the low C which combined with air-tight tone holes provides an ease of response particularly in the low register. It also comes in a sturdy, plush-lined French-style case with case cover and an outside zipper pouch on the case cover, for accessories. Brand new this oboe Lists for over $3200.00! The best sale price that I have seen is $2550.00 so, an instrument in mint condition, like this one, selling for $2000.00 is a tremendous deal.


Artley "19Q" Oboe – SOLD

This oboe has the basic conservatory fingering system to low Bb and composition body with woodgrain finish. It also has left hand C-D trills and silver plated keys which are a bonus at this level. A sturdy hardshell case is included. Additionally, this oboe is padded with all cork pads. They are tremendously more durable than traditional felt/fishskin pads.


Yamaha “YOB-241” Oboe – SOLD

These are very good playing instruments and you can’t say that about many oboes, really. This oboe plays well in tune with itself which is what you want out of any instrument. It is designed for beginning students meaning the body is made of ABS plastic but uncharacteristic of student instruments it has silver plated keys. The key work design is a modified conservatory system with trill keys for: C#-D#, F#-G#, A#-B, B-C# and right hand C-D keys. All this key work is really quite handy for a budding oboist. I disassembled it, cleaned everything, changed a few pads and a few key corks then completely adjusted it and now, it is just waiting to be played. Brand new this oboe sells for over $2600.00 so, $950.00 is a great deal for an instrument that plays like new. Come try out this great horn.