French Horns

Yamaha “YHR-313” Single French Horn

Here is a good single French horn. It plays very well but it is cosmetically challenged. There is lacquer missing from inside the bell and outside the bell on the main bell curve. I disassembled it, chemically flushed it out, restrung & oiled all 3 rotorsĀ and lubed all slides. So, it’s clean as a whistle and ready to play. The case is in very good condition and it comes with a Yamaha #30 mouthpiece. I believe that is the original mouthpiece that came with it from the factory. Come see it and try it out.


Conn “14D” Single French Horn

This is a great student model, single French horn just like the one listed below that I recently sold. Of course, we disassembled and chemically cleaned to horn, inside an out. I re-strung the rotors and lubed all the slides. This horn plays well and is cosmetically in excellent condition. It comes with a Bach 11 mouthpiece, which looks brand new, and in its original hard shell case, which is in really good shape. New, these horns sell for over $2000.00 so, $850.00 for a horn in this condition is a super deal.


Jupiter “JHR-752” French Horn – SOLD

Another excellent choice for a student model, single French Horn. The layout of the horn is perfect for younger student hands. We disassembled and chemically flushed the horn. All rotors and slides have been oiled and lubed. This instrument does come with a mouthpiece. Come check it out.


Conn “6D” French Horn – SOLD

A “6D” is a great choice for an entry level double horn or if you’re looking for a second horn, just in case you accidentally leave your good horn in Kalamazoo after a gig. This horn is from the late 60’s/early 70’s. It has been oiled and lubed within an inch of its life. All rotors and all slides move freely. The horn is structurally sound meaning no dents, no loose braces and it blows freely & sounds good.


Yamaha “YHR-561” French Horn – SOLD

This is a very good double French horn and everything about it is in great shape. I disassembled it and did a chemical flush which means that it is as clean, inside and out, as when it was new. I restrung and oiled the rotors, lubed all the slides and raised some minor dents. A Farkas model mouthpiece, not too shabby, is included. The horn comes in its original case which is in great condition. Come see it, come play it and I think you’ll be impressed with the sound quality, playability and appearance of this instrument.