Jody Jazz “DV” Alto Sax Mouthpiece #6 – SOLD

This is a super clean mouthpiece that looks like it’s brand new. It is a metal piece with a #6 facing. It comes with a ligature and mouthpiece cap and in the original case. It has an excellent open sound which I personally like on an alto. New, I see theses selling for $550.00 and used from $400.00 to $450.00!


Lawton Baritone Sax Mouthpiece #6 – SOLD

Lawton’s are great sax mouthpieces used or new. I used to own one many moons ago. This is a well-crafted metal mouthpiece and it delivers a full, rich sound that is not edgy at all. Bring your horn and give it a try.


Eugene Rousseau JDX-5 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece – SOLD

This JDX-5 tenor sax mouthpiece is made of hard rubber, comes with a ligature and even comes in its original box. There are no teeth marks on it which signifies that it was barely used. Everywhere on the web these are selling for $95.00 – $100.00.