King “606” Trombone

Plenty of King “606” trombones on this page. That’s because they are made well and play well. Just like all of our brass instruments, we have Chemically Flushed this horn, replaced the water key cork and lubed the main tuning slide. This horn comes with a Bach 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece. That is a mouthpiece that is made for beginners. Additionally, the horn comes in its original hard shell case.


Yamaha “YSL-354” Trombone – SOLD

Super nice, super clean trombone. This is Yamaha’s student model T-bone. Of course, we cleaned it within an inch of its life. It’s now probably as clean as the day it was made. The slide has been properly aligned. It is simply in great shape. Also, a Bach 12C mouthpiece is included. That is the mouthpiece that you definitely want a student to use as a beginner.


Yamaha “YSL-354” Trombone

This is exactly like the one above it…..and a really good horn.


King ” 2B Liberty” Trombone

Here is a classic trombone that any trombonist would love to have. A 1950 King 2B “Liberty” with all original lacquer and in the original brown alligator case. The horn and case are both in great condition. Come try this horn!


King “606” Trombone – SOLD

There are two more of these “606’s” listed below and they are all very good student model trombones. This particular ‘bone is cosmetically not as nice as the others but the hand slide works great and it sounds very good. We chemically flushed it then oiled and lubed everything. Of course it comes with a King 12C mouthpiece. Such a deal!


Yamaha “YSL-200AD” Trombone – SOLD

This is a very good looking and good sounding trombone. On top of that it is specifically made for beginning players and highly recommended by band directors. I don’t think this horn was used very much consequently it looks almost as good as a new horn. I disassembled it and completely cleaned it. I have also included a freshly re-plated Yamaha “48” mouthpiece with it. This is the same mouthpiece that would have come with this horn from the factory and is perfect for a beginning trombonist. Plus it comes in its original case which is it great condition. So, considering that this trombone normally sells for over $1200.00 brand new, $400.00 for this instrument is a very good deal. Come see it and give it a try.


Yamaha “YSL-354” Trombone – SOLD

These are great student model trombones. Of course, I have completely flushed out the horn, aligned the hand slide and lubed the main tuning slide so it operates like a brand new horn. I have also included a #48 Yamaha mouthpiece that was just re-plated. Essentially it is a new mouthpiece, just like the one that comes with it from the factory. Call me at 973-4299 to setup an appointment so you can see this instrument.


King “4B” Trombone – SOLD

This is a professional model tenor/bass trombone with a classic large bore symphonic design. It has a traditional “F attachment” wrap and a standard rotor design. Because of the .547 bore, it has a very open feel and is best suited for the lower parts in a jazz band as well as for symphonic playing.  This is a very versatile model of trombone. A bronze brass bell comes standard on this model to offer the performer a quick response and a warmer tone. I disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, oiled, lubed and restrung the rotor. Whew! The inner slide has all its plating and is slick as greased lightin’. It also comes with a large shank mouthpiece. Brand new this horn sells for $2400.00 to $2600.00!!! A super nice horn for any player especially at this price.


Yamaha “YSL-446G” Trombone – SOLD

This is a great step-up from your student model trombone. The YSL-446G is considered an intermediate horn that has several professional model features. For example, it has a lazer-fused pluzuma welded bell which means the bell resonates as if it were seamless. That translates to it’s a better sounding horn. It has an “F” attachment. The hand slide is a newer design that provides better air-tightness and smoother movement even in 6th & 7th positions. The bore diameter is .525 and it has an 8.5″ bell. As always, the horn has been cleaned out completely and is ready to play. New, this horn lists for over $2300.00. Big Box stores are selling it for over $1800.00 so, a horn of this quality for $1300.00 is a deal. Come by the shop and take a peek at it.