Instruments for Sale

We sell used instruments; these instruments are mechanically brought up to excellent playing condition. Brass instruments are completely disassembled, flushed & cleaned, oiled and lubed. Woodwind instruments are completely disassembled, cleaned, keys are straightened, all pads and corks are replaced as needed. Notice that a great number of our woodwinds have been completely repadded or overhauled. Our goal is to make them play as if they were new. We locate quality, brand name instruments and expertly repair them, if needed. All you have to do is open the case, assemble the horn and play it. We do all the work so you don’t have to!  Beware of eBay or Craig’s List ads that assure you, “this horn was just looked at by a repairman”. We do all our repairs right here. We play all our horns to verify that they are repaired properly. Then we play them again before they go out the door.  Our inventory constantly changes, so check often to see if we have the instrument that you are looking for. To view the  instrument better click on the photo to enlarge.  Want to purchase an instrument and unable to make it to my shop? I can ship it to you and invoice you through PayPal. Email me or call 434-973-4299.   Here is a list of the instruments that we currently have for sale:

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