Oboes! Are they Satan’s Instrument? Well, yea!

Here’s one that you don’t see everyday. These photos are of a student model oboe specifically the upper and lower joints of the oboe. I am focusing on the center of the photo where the upper and lower joints come together. The upper photo is a little further away from the oboe. Do you see anything odd or out of the ordinary? Now look at the lower photo. Where the two joints, or sections, meet you will see two rods that have backed out of their designated locations. Still focusing on the center of the photo, the rod on the left is protruding out of the silver plated post on the upper joint. On the right the same thing is happening, the lower joint rod is protruding out of the post. This can cause several problems but the biggest issue is when you put the two joints together these two rods now hit each other. This hinders some keys from lining up properly which means that the keys don’t operate correctly or they don’t operate at all. Needless to say the Satanic instrument will not play the way it should play. Luckily, or maybe not so luckily, this is an easy fix. img_20161012_1347465591img_20161012_1348581

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