Olympic Torch, Playing a gig and Selling a baritone sax! Whew!

This past weekend was busy, a blur and fun. Saturday started for me at noon. I participated in, I believe, the 2nd C’ville Repair Cafe. You can bring things and get them repaired for free. For example; a hole in your jeans, a lamp or a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work, bring tools to be sharpened etc., etc., etc. I was there not so much to repair horns as to evaluate them for future repair. It was a hoot. While I was there a gentleman walked in with an Olympic torch, as you can see in the photo, with a couple of dents in it. Really! This particular torch is from the 1984 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIII Olympiad, which was held in Los Angeles, California. This is engraved into a brass band on the handle of the torch. Too cool.
Next, I drove for 3 hours and played a Mardi Gras themed gig on Solomon Island, MD. with a band out of DC called the Moonshine Society.
After the gig I drove for almost 4 hours to Va. Beach and delivered a 1984 Selmer Super Action 80II baritone sax to a friend. He’s thinking about buying it. I hung out for the day in Va. Beach and drove back home on Monday.


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