Replacing a Trombone Inner & Outer Slides

In the process of replacing the inner slide I ended up on a bizarre treasure hunt, as you will see below. I knew that something was stuck inside the inner slide but I didn’t know what and didn’t really care. In the photo below, the item on top is the new inner slide, fresh and undamaged. On the bottom is the old, severely damaged inner slide. And yes, I changed my mind and really did wonder what was stuck in it. I tried to poke things out but to no avail. It was jammed up tight. So, I started cutting it apart, in sections, with a tube cutter and finally a pair of metal shears. Ok, from the left…..the first section which is about 9″ long has two yellow pencils jammed in it. The next two sections, each about 4’5″ to 6″ long had a blue pencil and something else shoved into it. The next three sections to the right had a piece of white cleaning cloth, I assume, and the orangish/reddish piece of a cleaning brush with a short metal stem that was broken off. I gather that one item got stuck and as they attempted to extract that piece the next piece got stuck and then the next piece got stuck, etc. So, all this prodding and jamming and shoving ended up denting the inner slide from the inside/out. In other words, it wasn’t dented in, it was dented out. That caused the outer slide to be damaged consequently both pieces of the hand slide had to be replaced. Who says horn repair isn’t exciting!

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