Saxophone Repad

Here I’m showing you the beginning of a complete repad job then the end, the finished product. The complete repadding process takes too long to show, way too many hours of work.

Photo #1 – I have disassembled the horn and you can see how ragged the current pads are. These pads are dirty, torn and a mismatched mixture of different styles of pads. You want all the pads to be the same style for the horn to sound consistent.

Photo #2 – The keys have been cleaned and I have placed all new pads into the pad cups. Notice how much nicer they look than the pads in the previous photo.
Ok, here all the pads are brand new, all have the same type of resonator, that’s the plastic disk in the center of the pad. The resonator reflects the sound out of the horn.

Photo #3 – This is a naked saxophone. Actually, a naked alto saxophone waiting for its bath. Plus, I need to level and “round out” any un-round tone holes. Look at one of the large tone holes on the bell section. It is obviously flat on one side. That will just never do.

Photo #4 – Here is the finished product all padded, reassembled and completely adjusted.
So here we have the sax all cleaned, repadded and ready to play. This horn will play as good as it did when it rolled off the assembly line, brand new, at the factory.

IMG_20160117_161707948[2] IMG_20160118_142938341[1]


IMG_20160117_161841767[1] IMG_20160121_084203191[1]

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