Selmer “Cigar Cutter” Alto Sax

I had an interesting sax come into the shop a couple of weeks ago. It is a Selmer “Cigar Cutter” sometimes called a Selmer “Super” sax. I haven’t seen many of these, over my 45 years of repairing, primarily because they’re old and there weren’t many made. For example, the Mark VI’s Selmer’s Best Sax, were made for 20 years before they were discontinued. The “Cigar Cutters” were only made from 1930 – 1933. These were the third incarnation of Selmer saxes. The first being the Model 22 which was appropiately named since it was originally made in 1922. The second one was the Model 26. And yes, it was made in 1926. Now we’re up to the “Cigar Cutter/Super”. Each model brought an improvement or two over the previous model. The engraving on this one looks almost exactly the same as my Model 22. Anyway, just an interesting horn from days goneby and part of a legacy of some of the best saxophones ever made.

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