Somebody Mugged My Trombone

The continuing Before & After photos. These parts are from the same trombone. Photo 1 is of a dented trombone bell. When the student put the horn in the case he didn’t remove the mouthpiece from the hand slide section of the horn. Consequently, when he closed the case, each and every time, the mouthpiece smashed into the bell and dented it. Obviously he must have played quite a bit. Photo 2 shows the bell de-dented, at least as much as I could de-dent it. Plus, the lacquer finish is badly scratched. Next, the hand slide. Photo 3 is the inner hand slide which has become un-soldered from itself. This shouldn’t happen unless the horn was mistreated. This inner slide section goes into the outer slide. The outer slide is the part of the horn you see the trombonist move back and forth when he is playing. In photo 4 I reassembled and re-soldered the inner slide. Not only does the inner slide have to be attached solidly to itself but it also must be perfectly aligned with the outer slide. Ideally it should move almost effortlessly.


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