What Brands Of Horns Should Be Avoided!

Here is a list that I put together, in about an hour this morning, of instrument brands that should be avoided like the plague. I’m sure that there are other brands that I have missed but this list should cover a majority of the “super hideous horns” that no one should buy. Some of the sellers of these instruments will say that they are made in Kansas City, Missouri, Rancho Cucamonga, California or wherever but they are lying through their digital teeth. Most of the Chinese horns are probably made in the same factory but they simply stamp a different brand name on the horn before it gets shipped out to unsuspecting and musically uneducated parents. Just because it’s “shiny” doesn’t mean that it’s good. Most decent horns will be brass, gold colored. that is lacquered. A few decent horns might have a black lacquer. However, when you see instruments that come in red, green, blue, yellow or purple you should run away screaming. Those horns are nothing but junk and would be best used as a doorstop or a wall hanging. Later today I’ll put together a list of brand name instruments that are OK and I’ll send that to you also. Now that I’m letting parents know “what brands not to buy” I guess I should tell them “what brands to buy”.  If you have questions please contact me.

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Allora – Chinese
Amati-Kraslice – Czechoslovakian
Antigua – Chinese
Artemis – Chinese
BandNow – Chinese
Bentley – Chinese
Berkley – Chinese
Bestler – Chinese
Blue Moon – Chinese
Bridgecraft – Chinese
Cecilio – Chinese
Cibaili – Chinese
Diamond – Chinese
Earlham – Chinese
Etude – Taiwanese
First Act – Chinese
Glory – Chinese
Grand – Chinese
Gruskin – Chinese
Harmony – Chinese
Hawk – Chinese
Heimer – Chinese
Heinse – Chinese
Iolite – Chinese
Jean Baptiste – Chinese
Jean Paul – Chinese
Jinyin – Chinese
Johnson – Chinese
Lark – Chinese
Laval – Chinese
Lindo – Chinese
Maxtone – Chinese
Mendini by Cecilio – Chinese
Monique – Chinese
Palatino – Chinese
Parrot – Chinese
Rex – Chinese
Roy Benson – Chinese
Schill – Chinese
Selman – Chinese
Simba – Chinese
Sky – Chinese
Steuben – Chinese
TaiShan – Chinese
Top Tone – Chinese
Venus – Chinese
Wexler – Chinese
Weimer – Chinese
Wernburg – Chinese

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