What Happened to my Bass Clarinet?

Before and After pictures. Aren’t they the best? Today you are looking at a Vito bass clarinet which is made of ABS plastic. This bass clarinet has an upper joint & a lower joint just like a regular Bb clarinet but this bass clarinet was designed to stay together, in other words, not to be taken apart. However, someone decided to push this instrument past its physical limits and they broke it right where the two joints meet. My photos are of the low C# or upper G# tone hole, depending on which register you are playing in. Obviously a chunk of plastic was broken out of the aforementioned tone hole. Luckily, as I scoured through the case I found the missing piece, still intact. So, this was a moderately easy fix because I was able to “super-glue” the missing piece back into place. A little bit of clean up where the seams met but that was it. This horn will live for another school year to be mauled by another non-caring, oblivious high school student that doesn’t have to pay for such damage. Oh yeah, this is not a privately owned instrument, this is an instrument that is owned by the school and our tax dollars pay for.


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