You repair recorders? Well, Yes I Do!

I would like to add recorders to my resume of instruments, and other things, that I repair. This particular one is a Kung bass recorder which is Swiss made, three piece instrument. I’m sure you are asking yourself, “What does one need to repair on a recorder”? Look at the first photo with the recorder disassembled. The piece closest to you has stripes of cork attached to each end. These are called tenon corks. They provide enough traction or friction to hold the other two pieces in place securely when the instrument is completely assembled, as in the second photo. These tenon corks can become compressed or chipped which hinders them from holding the other pieces securely. Then the piece closest to you, again, has three keys on it. Each key has a pad in it that covers a “tone hole”. A “tone hole” is an opening in the body of the instrument. Now the piece farthest away from you is the bell. It, also, has a key on it that has a pad. After much use the “pads” become dry and less brittle. This impedes their ability to properly seal around the tone holes which causes leaks. Then, leaks affect the pitch, tonality and play-ability of the instrument. So, I replaced all the tenon corks and all the pads. Now the recorder plays as good as it did when it was new.

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